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Your local Repco Authorised Car Service mechanic C.K.Motors performs expert wheel aligments in Yeppoon and are happy to share their experience with some valuable advice.

Using specific computerised measurements and adjustments, our mechanics will make sure the wheels on your car run in line with road surface and are perfectly parallel to each other. Call us now or book a service online!


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Identify your wheel condition

When the front of the tire is pointed in toward the center of your car, the tire is described as "toed in" and "toed out" when the front of tire points outward. Any of these issues quickly wears the thread down, causing uneven and unreliable steering by pulling the car in one direction. This condition is commonly found in wrecked vehicles.
When the top of the wheel leans toward or away from the center of your car, causing a camber problem. If, however, one wheel is farther away forward or back from the other wheel, there is a caster problem, causing a pull in one direction. Caster measures the relationship of the left and right wheels to each other.


Prevent wheel alignment issues

The best way to ensure longer life of your tires is to regularly rotate them. Ask C.K.Motors which way to rotate the tires depending on how the thread is wearing. Swapping tyres in an X pattern is the usual way to go, however sometimes moving the best tires in front provides optimum transporting, and when more extreme wear is present, the tires simply need to be exchanged.

For best expluatation and longest life, tires need to be balanced and rotated every 12,000 miles (approximately every four oil changes). If your car has hit a curb or a driven through a hole in road covering, the wheel weights can come off. If a wobbly vibration is present at one speed, but better or not present at a different speed, then a balance problem is likely. If the shimmy is present at all speeds, replacement of the worn tire or bent wheel is usually the cure. If you feel the vibration only when brakes are applied, it is not a tyre or wheel, but rather a brake issue.

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Make sure you describe the symptoms accurately to your mechanic when you call us to book an appointment! As this vibration may not be felt on a quick test drive around the block, have the brakes inspected and tell your mechanic about the shakes noticable when braking. Also, during the brake inspection it is a good idea to have the tyres rotated.

Correct wheel alignment helps your vehicle handling and provide optimal wheel functioning to increase tyre life.

In a wheel alignment at Yeppoon car service centre, our mechanics inspect wheel angles and correct them setting wheel alignment to your car manufaturer's specifications. Call Yeppoon Service Centre now or make a car service appointment online!


Correct Wheel Alignments in Yeppoon

Proper wheel alignments improve the safety of your car and help you better control the vehicle on the road, allowing for a smoother ride and greater fuel economy. When properly aligned, tyre wear is also reduced and regular wheel alignments could save you money on replacing tyres due to premature treadwear.

Most manufacturers recommend to perform a Wheel Alignment at least once every 12 months. Additionally, you may need a Wheel Alignment after a traffic accident (including hitting a large street hole or side of the road), when replacing suspension or steering parts or when you notice typical indicators a mechanical inspection is due: car pulling to one side, unstable or vibrating steering and uneven tyre wear.
In a Wheel Alignment service at Yeppoon Service Centre, our mechanics will:
• adjust wheel angles to be parallel to each other and perpendicular to ground
• ensure correct weight distribution around all tyres and rim assemblies
• inspect steering and suspension systems for related causes of problems


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How do I organise a Wheel Aligment?

If you indentify any of those symptoms, it is high time to visit your local mechanic. However, for your convenience and longer tyre life, it is always best to have your car regularly inspected at a professional car service. Simply swapping your worn tyres to new ones without a proper alignment only ensures that the new tyres would display the same issues. Often, worn parts are the cause for wheel alignment problems - for example, worn wheel ball joints cause trouble handling, slow down steering response and result in uneven tyre wear. Irregular tyre wear can also be caused by weak or worn springs, which also decrease the ride height, causing further wheel misalignment and altered geometry. Also, worn tie rods cause the tyre to wander from side to side, altering the toe and your control of your car's motion.

Keeping aware to these common wheel misalignment issues will help you drive better - and to maintain a straight driving and increase your tyre life, schedule a visit to your mechanic now!


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