Car Towing Service Yeppoon


Our fully trained tow truck operators cover vehicles from mechanical brake downs to trailers, machinery relocation and accident towing.

We have excellent RACQ patrol van operators that are based from our site and operate form their van 24/7. If towing is required we also have fully qualified RACQ tow truck drivers. We also offer a 4WD Recovery Service 24/7 dealing with simple bogged vehicles all the way up to recoveries from the beach or surf. After Hours Number 4930 2819.

RACQ roadside assistance by CK Motors in Yeppoon QLD 4703

CK Motors also have a secure holding yard and a tilt tray truck
available 24 / 7 with up to 5.5 m deck space for:

• General vehicle towing
• Accident & recovery towing
• Machinery movement
• RACQ member services
• 4WD recovery service

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tilt tray towing RACQ

towing 1 4WD Recovery Yeppoon QLD towing 2 trucks Yeppoon QLD towing 3 recovery of car from roadside accident Yeppoon QLD

towing 4 recover tractor from roadside breakdown Yeppoon QLD towing 5 roadside recovery Yeppoon QLD towing 6 recovery guys had to go swimming to hook up the recovery straps to Nissan Yeppoon QLD

towing 7 recover car from water Yeppoon QLD towing 8 car recovery from sea Yeppoon QLD towing 9 vehicle stuck in sand Yeppoon QLD

towing 10 roadside breakdown recovery Yeppoon QLD towing 11 roadside breakdown assistance Yeppoon QLD towing 12 farm machinery and agricultural equipment Yeppoon QLD

towing 13 accident recovery Yeppoon QLD towing 14 roadside accident recovery Yeppoon QLD towing 15 roadside accident recovery Yeppoon QLD

towing 16 car accident on road recovery Yeppoon QLD towing 17 car accident recovery on road Yeppoon QLD towing 18 The after effects of trying to drive through flood waters roadside recovery Yeppoon QLD

towing 19 definitely a job for the C K Motors recovery towing vehicle - they make it look so easy at Yeppoon QLD towing 20 this is not the type of car you take to emu park beach for scenic drive towing 21 no he is definitely not going to be able to dig it out

towing 22 driver was saying his prayers after walking from this - the tractor had to be written off towing 23 tractor recovery from roadside breakdown Yeppoon QLD towing 24 recovery from accident on Rockhampton road QLD

towing 25 tractor towing in Yeppoon QLD towing 26 mowing on the side of a hill can be dangerous and a large crane had to be called in to help the guys at C K Motors recover this tractor and slasher towing 27 semi trailer with load failed to take the corner at the BP roundabout in Yeppoon QLD

towing 28 hot weather damaged car Yeppoon QLD towing 29 overheating problem unfortunately this is what some vandals do in their spare time, obviously no repairs needed on this vehicle towing 30 lucky no bush caught on fire from the intense heat and flames from this vehicle in the middle of the forest

towing 31 Yeppoon QLD towing 32 car interior with sand towing 33 smashed vehicle in roadside accident being towed Yeppoon QLD

towing 34 smashed car yard Yeppoon QLD towing 35 smashed car yard Yeppoon QLD towing 36 smashed car yard Yeppoon QLD


Trading Hours: Open Monday to Friday 7:00AM to 5:20PM and Saturdays 8:00AM to 2:00PM

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